I really want to get a new tatoo, but I don’t think I can trust any old person to do it….

what I want is a Varga Girl on my lower arm, the one here.


But I am worried about getting it done by someone that will make her look like a cartoon….I’ve looked around on t’internet but all I can find is really bad ones making me think it might be a bad idea….

I’ve a worry that it’s a bit addictive too, what happens if I end up like one of these people?-

Sexy look for a bride!

Here’s one I found on Face Hunter

img_5463.jpg though this guy is cute as, not sure many others get away with the full body tattoo like him, especially not me!

Here’s a nice one though-



4 thoughts on “Tattoos

  1. ekawear says:

    I’ll have a look at those, thanks, no idea who to get to do it for me, no idea if there is enough money in my bank for it either…hmmmm

  2. Billy says:

    Did you ever get that tattoo? I have the same one. I got it in 2004 by a guy in LA named Mike Devries. i actually have a full sleeve of Varga Girls all very realistic and done by mike DeVries. if you want a realistic tattoo he is the ONLY guy to go to.

  3. Gilly says:

    Wow, seriously? that sounds amazing! can you send a picture? gilly’at’
    I haven’t had the time or money to go for it yet, just been doing some little ones at home that aren’t more than just doodles with a needle and indian ink…just something to keep me content until I can get this lovely girl done : )
    please please send a pic of your arm if you can.

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