I have a few style icons, people I think are a bit different and I always think they look like they know something about fashion and style that the rest of us will work out about half a year later.

chloe235658257_87e06dbbde_b.jpgWhen I saw Chloe Sevigny in Kids I thought she was cool, then in ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ she had the best wardrobe ever (seeing that first shot of her in an oversized T with unicorns on the front made me want to rush out and raid the 2nd hand shops immediately!) , I wasn’t sure if it was her input or not but when she did the wardrobe design for Gummo she proved my suspicions, that she’s a natural with that ‘white trash’ look, but in an inspired, retro, cool way (Miss Spears take note!)


Roisin murphy, always looks good in my book, I once met her shooting in the little village in Cornwall I go to in the summer, how much did I want to steal the car she had full of her wardrobe for the shoot? very much!

I’m going to have a look around for images of more of my icons….it’s given me an idea to find some pictures of brilliant people like Mary Quant, Twiggy and BIBA founder Barbara Hulanicki….I’m going to find some film characters too, Jodie Foster in ‘Little Girl who Lives Down The Lane’ oh the list goes on, I’m off to google image search right now!


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