Style Icons

Here’s a few more people that have influenced me by their style-

Barbara Hulanicki biba.jpg The founder of BIBA back in the 60’s Barbara Hulanicki, I love everything she did for the 60’s teens, I dream about going to the 1920’s make-up counter in the BIBA store that was like a big cruise ship. It must have been so cool to be a part of that, it seems rediculous that BIBA shops ever had to close…the PR for them must have been amazing, in this article in the Telegraph Barbara says how they saw themselves on a level with the beatles, just as popular ‘they did music and we did clothing.’ Apparently the clothes were so small back then (those teens grew up wartime on rations) that when the fashion maven Adie Hunter recently passed on her Biba fake-fur coat to a friend of her daughter, the young woman could barely squeeze into it – and that young woman was Sienna Miller.

Kirsten Dunst Kirsten Dunst, there’s something about her that stands out, she seems different from those other ‘Hollywood types’ and when she gets pictured she always has a great outfit on. Her association with Sophia Coppola also makes her cool by osmosis, hehe….. and so on to….

Sophia Coppola Sophia Coppola, her father has opened a restaurant in San Francisco in her name with photo’s of her all over the walls….hmmm not sure how I would feel if my dad did that really! Ever since ‘Virgin Suicides’ it been obvious to me that this girl was on my wave length.

Taxi Driver- Jodie Foster I remember watching the film ‘Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane’ when I was a kid and thinking Jodie Foster was soooo cool, she was brilliant in ‘Taxi Driver’ too.

Not to mention the film of all time…..BUGSY MALONE! hehehe I’m certain that it has something to do with my interest in fashion around that time…



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