Free Tibet


I know, this is a blog about fashion, so why am I about to write about Tibet?

Well the thing is, it’s the very reason I have set eka up as a fair trade brand, I didn’t want to take my money to China because I believe that their treatment of the Dalai Lama is inexcusable and I am sick of the rest of the world pretending they have changed their human rights standards just to feel ok about taking their money there. Who cares if they have a few factories where the workers wear levis and drink coffee and get a fair pay? thats such a small factor in the big scheme of things. China still forced it’s way into Tibet and drove the Dalai Lama from his homeland by fear of death, they still arrest anyone seen to be in support of him and a free country and they still commit just as many crimes against humanity as they ever did……weather they use small children in their factories or not is a very small part of the big picture.

It is amazing that Tibet and the Dalai Lama are getting so much coverage right now, and I hope the world takes notice.

How the IOC (Olympics commitee) could have awarded the Olympic Games to a country so far away from what the contest signifies I can not imagine, as members of Free Tibet we wrote letters to urge them to think again but sadly enough money seems to rule the minds and the consciences of humans predominently, it’s just sad there aren’t more people like the Dalai Lama in this world.



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