Bowl Haircut


I’ve had a bowl since last summer, when I asked for it at the hairdresser she laughed, I had to assure her I knew what I was doing, in the end she said ”actually, it looks good on you” I think this may have been a comment made because she felt bad about her first reaction, hehehe. Anyway, I’ve kept it, despite the fact that I know it’s not the most flattering hairstyle for me, I don’t really care. I like having a haircut not many others have and it reminds me of dumb and dumber, hehehe.

I don’t know if my boyfriend Nils loves it really, he says he does, but he’s pretty cool about me doing whatever I want, I’m really not sure if he would tell me he hated it if he did. I remember he wasn’t keen when I got a grade 2 but I still did it!




2 thoughts on “Bowl Haircut

  1. J.N. Wenkel says:

    I got to say, that I think Your way of reasoning shows a lot of self-confidence, integrity and independence of mind…AND btw You look GREAT in it ! -ALL cudos to YOU !!
    -But, your haircut is a short bob, NOT a bowl cut !
    In a ‘conventional’ bowl cut, the weight-line goes all around the head at top-of-ear level, horizontal or angled slightly upwards above the occipital bone towards the back of head and downwards at eye-brow/-lid level in front….-would look really good on You I believe !

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