Wow, in my search for images of spats and places to buy them I found a little gem, a site selling stuff for American marching bands, BAND-MART.

They have spats on sale for about £20.00! I have no idea about how they look for real but I reckon it’s worth a try if the postage isn’t too much. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as they apparently are still a staple part of any marching bands uniform over there.

The ones I have are handmade by Swedish designer Lollo Zetturlund, but she doesn’t have them for sale on her site : (

I found a few leather ones by Elizabeth Melinek which look really original, they are leather, like cut off boots. eBay have a few here too.

I guess spats have been worn for a long time, some armies still wear them, I really love the whole ‘Bugsy Malone’ style though, thats the decade that they remind me of when I wear mine.

And of course, how could I forget M.J in Moonwalker, he made spats look great, not to mention bringing back the trilby all those years ago


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