Katharine Hepburn

I can’t imagine how different Katharine Hepburn looked compared to the other women of her time, apparently she would insist on wearing mens cut styles, this must have made her look so fierce and intimidating to men, she’s an amazing role model in fashion and those pants, well she made the cut ‘timeless’ thats for sure. Her style is something that has no time to it, it’s just good taste, she looks great and still would if you plucked her out of the 30’s and put her into the street today (actually she’d look amazing today wouldn’t she!)

Here’s a couple of quotes I found on ‘The Fashion Spot where they have a thread chatting about her and have posted some amazing pictures.

“With stout resolve,” reports a fashion book, “she almost single-handedly broke down the dress code for women” by insisting on wearing men’s trousers on set and off, everywhere and all the time. Her style was so informal and untraditional that she never, even after becoming a star, owned a dress or skirt of her own. One of her many awards came from the Council of Fashion Designers of America in1986 – in recognition of her role as non-conformist in modern fashion.”

Her intelligence and talent eclipsed her beauty but that is not to say she wasn’t beautiful and glamorous. Her androgynous, modern style was a breath of fresh air in a generation where cleavage, curves and pouts were everywhere. Her characteristic New England accent perfectly suited her strong, head-strong nature. Her non-conformist, boyish, casual style was once thought ungainly but became chic and eventually Katharine Hepburn was thought of as a fashion idol.


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