Dawanda and Etsy

If any of you out there reading this are designers or artists looking for an outlet to sell your things online, I need to tell you about Etsy and Dawanda. They are sites where you can sell your handmade things to a european (Dawanda) and U.S/Worldwide audience (Etsy) a little like having a shop on ebay, but aimed solely at the handmade/printed market. They both get a lot of coverage in the blog world and will also make your brand more visible in Google searches should anyone be looking for you.

Etsy, as I said is U.S based and has some fantastic artisans on there, the way it works is a lot like eBay, where you pay per entry and then get your ad on there for about 6 months I think, I haven’t really used my shop to it’s fullest potential there yet, I always worry about putting too much online incase it all gets too much to handle, so I just have my baby hats in there for now.

I love the community feel there is on Dawanda, you can browse around other peoples stores and make pin boards of your favourite items, become a fan of an item, or just buy it -up to you! I love making pinboards and becoming a fan of things because I feel like I can show my appreciation of things I love without actually having to buy them, though often the ‘add to cart’ button is just too tempting!

I just bought two photographs for the bedroom by photographer Pamela Klaffke.

I like the way Dawanda works, you have a shop full of items and you pay a percentage to them every sale you get, so my shop on here is well stocked!


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