Weird Fact #1

I was answering some ‘quick fire questions’ for something my friend Tim was filming and one of them was ”tell us an interesting fact” -I said some bollocks about flapper girls and how they weren’t named that after their dresses in the 20’s, as is widely believed, that actually it referred to the generations big ‘flapping’ ribbons they wore in there hair as children. It was something I read in a fashion book sometime, no idea if it’s actually true!

After that i decided to try to remember weird facts I hear, this is a great one, that the word Panic originated directly from Pan, the horned god of the forest…..ties in nicely with my fascination for Wicca and my favourite museum of all time –the ‘Museum of Witchcraft’ in Cornwall.

Excerpt from Wikipedia– Pan inspired sudden fear in lonely places, Panic (panikon deima). Following the Titans’ assault on Olympus, Pan claimed credit for the victory of the gods because he had inspired disorder and fear in the attackers resulting in the word ‘panic’ to describe these emotions.


One thought on “Weird Fact #1

  1. rowangrimoire says:

    Many of our terms actually come from mythology: narcissus, echo, psyche… Pan/Panic is one of my favorite ones. =) Once you are more aware of the mythological backgrounds to words, you start to see it more often.

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