Stajl By Malmo -market

We had an amazing day for the Stajl market this year, the sun was shining and the rain from the previous week had completely disappeared, phew! I needed the usual 3 hours just to set up and was just about ready once the market started filling up.

We had 2 tents between us, me with eka, Lollo with ‘Lollo Zetterlund‘ clothing and her amazing spats, Annica with ‘NINNI’, Helena with her ‘Little Green Story’ T’s and Veronika with ‘Vest Design’.

I had the usual headache of millions of pieces and not much space to display them, so I hung them all like clothes on a line, it seemed to work and I sold loads of stock so I’m smiling.

I also got a mention in the ‘CITY’ newspaper (it’s like Metro) someone was asked what their favourite things at the market were and they said ekawear! ahhh, how nice, I’ve not seen the article so I’ve no idea if it was a customer or friend…whatever, I’m stoked to get a mention!


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