3 new stores stocking eka!

My lovely sales agent Sofia and I have found 3 new shops to stock eka! 2 of them found us actually, they liked what we were selling at the Stajl By Malmo market and want to have some in their shops. One called FormarGruppen in Malmo’s ‘Lilla Toget’ area, I went in there today and it looks brilliant, so much beautiful stuff in there all made by local designers, I love the hand made pots and things best. The other is one in Lund, a new store opening up selling organic/fair trade things in the centre of town called OM-Tanke. I lost my stockist there 2 years ago when Pickadoll closed down : ( so I’m very happy to have a new shop to sell eka, sales are always good in Lund, probably because there is a large student population. This shop is also a cafe, just my kind of place so I’ll be very happy to stop there and see how the hats are selling over a cup of coffee!

The last (but by no means least) shop to take eka is DesignTorget, it’s a really big chain in Sweden, the shops are full of designer pieces, some by small designers like me, others by people like Charles Eames, so I’m pretty stoked that they want to stock my Laptop cases and the Hayworth Beret in 3 colours. Can’t wait to see how they look in there, they are taking brown, purple and red in both pieces, I bet they’re going to look super cute together on the shelves next to the rest of their designer pieces.


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