Agathe from StyleBytes is BACK!!

I’m so happy, my absolute favourite blogger Agathe from StyleBytes is back from ‘God knows where’ …. it’s really irritating me that she hasn’t written why she’s been away though, I thought she was dead for Gods sake!! I think her seemingly perfect life in her beautiful apartment in Oslo with her husband and little pet piggy Molvin might have fallen apart, I’ve been doing my detective work and it looks like she’s now on her own and I’m not seeing too many pics of Molvin either, maybe he stayed with Dad….it’s a bit like going through the breakup too actually (in a much less painful kind of way!)

I’m so happy she’s back though, she has the best picture updates and fashion on there, love it!

Another little gem i found when I was interweb surfing for Rockabilly stuff is The Freelancers FashionBlog

She has a brilliant blog full of Rockabilly inspired fashion and some great pictures. Although she’s labeled as a fashion blogger I think it’s nice that she has other things influencing her posts too, she’s a freelance graphic designer and I think she is Swedish, a complete fluke there, I thought I was reading an american blog at first glimpse.

Happy reading!


3 thoughts on “Agathe from StyleBytes is BACK!!

  1. Kristel says:

    I think the rockabilly-ish blogger is Finnish. She talks a lot about Finnish designers and had a photo of a Finnish magazine in a recent post.

  2. Gilly says:

    yes, you’re right, she is Finnish.
    I’m so stoked that since then she’s posted about my Wimbledon Headband that I sent her as a little Christmas present : )

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