Labour Behind The Label

Here’s a brilliantly written piece from The Guardian about the fashion industry and ‘throw away fashion’ it also has some very valid points to make about the ‘made in China’ labels to be found on expensive designer collections…..what the hell is all that about? -I went into one of my stockists last week and found a truely gorgeous cardigan, it was WAY too pricey for me (almost £250) so imagine my shock when I checked the manufacture label and saw it was made in China!! it truly doesn’t add up, someone is making waaayyyyyy too much profit and not giving the maker a fair wage (the average wage in China is 50-100$ a month)

A message to all designer brands– Remember that people pay high prices for your goods because they want a well made object that would have cost a lot to make, get your heads out of your a–es and stop thinking they want to buy your brand because you advertise in Vogue or have Kate Moss in your marketing campaign!


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