nvohk- a new eco company needs you!

nvohk is an amazing new company idea, you and the other members run the company and you earn reward points for profit made, while 10% of profits go to Eco-Charities. I love the idea that it is run as a co-operative. Click here to read more on the nvohk site.

Here’s some info in their own words-

nvohk is the first community-managed eco-friendly clothing company. Members make key business decisions including logo design, product design, advertising, product mix, etc.

nvohk - Membership Benefits


  • actively create and manage nvohk from the ground up
  • vote on major business decisions (e.g., logo design, product designs, advertising, etc.)
  • submit your own logo and product designs and win cash!
  • provide ongoing feedback via general and department message boards
  • earn reward points (based on 35% of net profits) to buy nvohk products (1 to 1 ratio of dollars to points!)
  • exclusive nvohk member t-shirt
  • member sticker
  • 25% discount on all nvohk products purchased directly through nvohk.com
  • members will also be entitled to receive custom product offers from nvohk’s business partners

project nvohk badge - 470 x 112


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