Cooler Shoot

I did such a funny shoot with Poppy and Sam Hart for Cooler last May, and it looks like the results are in the new issue.

The idea was ‘sleeveface’ as in they had a load of record sleeves and used the idea for the outerwear fashionshoot, meaning that they could use us for the shots in clothing other than our sponsors, it was absolutely no good for my profile, as it’s all anonymous, just my body modeling the clothes, but man it was so much fun! and having your face obscured made it sooooo much easier! hehehe.


2 thoughts on “Cooler Shoot

  1. Gilly says:

    hehehe, mum I didn’t know you read my blog, thats brilliant! : )
    I did it at the snowboard test last May, remember, when I got stuck on the road by an avalanche when all I wanted to do was get to bed as we’d been driving all night!

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