Garde-Robe Online Vintage Shoe Shop

As much as I hate the use of the word ‘vintage’ when the description ‘2nd hand’ is more realistic…..sorry it’s just a pet hate of mine, to me, vintage needs to be at least 25 years old, like with cars…but enough about that, bitch over -sorry!

Anyway, this site is new, a local Malmo girl (I think) one of the many girls our friend Pontus knows in this small town (read into that what you like, you’d be right) she has an extremely admirable collection of boots on this shop site and they all look in amazingly good condition, the prices are mid to high, but there are some real gems on there, I’ve had it in my mind to get hold of some old Italian riding boots for a couple of years now, and with my old boots (bought in the Las Vegas closing down sale for 50SEK!!) disintegrating fast I feel the time might be good to splash out on these babies for 500SEK (about £45)

They’re apparently a plum colour, does that mean tan or a wierd purple?? I think I’ll write and ask her.

The others I’m looking at are called the WOW boot, good sales pitch that! and cost a bit less 400SEK (which is about £33)

Is it me, or does the word ‘vintage’ seem to give ‘2nd hand’ an extra 0? I’m sooo stingy I know, it’s not too expensive for boots at all and I always try to buy second hand when I can, these will be way better quality than anything made in China….did I just had an argument with myself? haha.


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