Environmentally friendly printers

Do you need some organic T’s printed for your company or maybe some organic cotton shopping bags? I have found the best place!

It’s a UK based (and only available to UK companies I think) company called Eco-Merch that screen prints with environmentally friendly inks onto organic cotton items (they have things from T’s to hoodies to baby stuff and paper and seem eager to help anyone needing anything else)

They are making us our new Our Camp T’s and some hoodies too for 08/09 (my other job if you were wondering)

I’m afraid I’m feeling lazy and decided have decided to paste the company outline here instead of finding my own words..sorry!


Eco-Merch Ltd. was founded in late 2007 by directors Sam Foggan and Andy Proudman.

Our Mission: “To provide an ecologically, environmentally and economically viable alternative to chemically intensive promotional merchandise and printing methods.”

Andy had been working in the screen printing industry for three years working with the industry standard plastisol inks on cheap conventional cotton and man made fabrics. He became increasingly aware of the impacts these materials had on the environment and all the people involved in the process from field to printers. He wanted to be able to print all day knowing that he isn’t damaging the local environment and wanted the garments he printed on to be ethical and high quality.

Example Printed Beanie Sam founded an environmentally friendly clothing label in early 2006 and soon realised the difficulty of being a small well-meaning company in a sea of big companies, big volume orders and big printing minimums. He wanted to make it possible for new start-ups to access the organic and environmentally friendly part of the textile industry but without them having to pay a large premium for their lack of size.

Together they developed Eco-Merch on the principals of accessible pricing, ethical procurement, low minimums and low environmental impact.

It is the objective of Eco Merch to provide an affordable opportunity for UK organisations, groups and individuals to use more environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical products.

Click here to check out their site and I can totally vouch for them, they have very competitive prices and are great to work with (you need to be patient with us at Our Camp, it’s a bit like a piss-up in a brewery!)

We’re also getting some of the shopping bags made, as a joint effort with Sam and his EthicSnow charity to hand out in resort to make sure that shoppers and campers all use and re-use their bags instead of opting for the plastic jobbies they have in the super markets. We are also thinking that our bags will look so good that girls will probably end up using them as hand bags – ideal for a bit of marketing!

P.S -the hat pictured up there was made by eka for HUK apparel, another of Sams companies, I think the print he has done on it looks AMAZING!


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