Envi Magazine Interview

I while back I got chatting to a lovely girl called Ruth that was asking about the snowboard camps we run, it turned out that snowboarding wasn’t the only thing we had in common, she was at Uni studying environmental photography (I hope I got that right!, probably not, sorry Ruth if you’re reading this!) and had a great interest in the organic/fair trade stuff I was designing at eka. Skip forward 1 year and I get a mail from her asking if we can meet to do a short interview for her magazine ‘Envi’…we met at Clowns in Cambridge and chatted for ages over a couple of Latte’s, it was so nice to have someone to chat to about ethics and the environment, we could have talked for days! hehe

Here’s the end result, the magazine is great, I’ve posted it here to download as a PDF.

envi magazine

She also wrote a great little piece for HUCK magazine recently, click on this cutting to go and read the full piece-

The benefits and burdens of being green

main feature image

I hate shopping. Hours of traipsing around sweaty shops with bad music looking for new shoes, jeans or in my case last week, a winter coat.

On this particular shopping trip I found what I was looking for at the end of a long day in town.  A nice warm winter jacket: the right length, the right colour, a flattering style and a good price.  Perfect, I thought.  Then a little voice inside me said I better check where it was made.

Made in china, the label said.  Without a fairtrade label attached, how do I know that my coat wasn’t made unethically?  And what about the wool it’s made from?  Were there animal rights issues involved here?  What chemicals were used to treat and dye the wool and were the chemicals disposed of appropriately, or washed down a drain, polluting waterways on their way out to sea? At best I could ask a sales assistant to provide me with details on the manufacturer, so I could investigate these matters further myself.  However any response I received, good or bad, would not keep me warm on a winter’s day.


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