New eka Stock

I’m Sorry about the blurry pictures, I’m tired, let me off, please!

It’s all here, the new colours, petrol blue, wine red (my new favourite) and the subtle plum, black hayworths and extra long basics allowing you to either wear them floppy at the back or to fold them once or twice for the Jack Nicholson ‘fisherman hat’ style, I’ve even sewn an anchor badge onto one in wine red for Nils, he loves it.

Here’s some images of my office right now, I’m going for a sort of distressed/organised/mess feel, I think I really succeeded here! hehehe.

Here’s a one off Hayworth I’ll have in the eka online store very soon, it has two button details, I’ve done them as brooches so you can wear the hat however you like, and use the buttons to accessorise other things too. I love buttons and every year I buy my own body weight in the them so thought it was a good idea to share a few of them with eka fans! I have the best little anchor ones, I’m going to do some limited edition basics folded up with these pinned on, I just dropped one off at Tjallamalla in the petrol blue colour, it looks great.

Here’s some of the product shots we have for the new items.

I love this one, the colour is so hard to shoot though, it’s a deep wine red, but comes out as bright red on the photo’s grrrrrr…

The DeerStalker, it’s a keeper this one, so far one of the most popular hats in the collection. It’s great for both girls and boys and comes in black or brown.

I’ve added one more colour option to the Nordic range too, it’s the electric purple colour that has been popular for a year or so now, I’ve had this colour in the Hayworth and Basic styles and also in the scarves, it’s such am amazing colour it makes people stop you in the street to ask where your hat is from, I’m not lying, -ask Emma, she has the same happen to her!

Right, thats it from me for today, I’m off to watch this weeks TrueBlood, Nils is off to San Francisco tomorrow so we are going to snuggle and watch a program about vampires, how romantic, ahhhh.

(By the way, I’m not enjoying the fact that the more Nils’s skate photography takes off, the more HE takes off, and to places I love sooo much like S.F, it’s not impressing me one bit!)


2 thoughts on “New eka Stock

  1. Gemma Freeman says:

    These all look amazing! Pirate cap and the DeerStalker is pretty damn coveatable too! Is that your flat? Heart the ideas board!!!! 🙂
    Will post something on the site soon…

  2. Gilly says:

    Hiya Gemma, Thanks petal, yes that’s my flat, and believe it or not, that board was cleaned up just a week ago, I have a problem with keeping things neat! hehe

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