Frank Herholdt and Jay Taylor

I went on one of those long meandering trails through the world of the ‘interweb’ today, one of those times when you start off somewhere and end up nowhere near where you began with about 6 open pages on your desktop. It was fun and on the way I saw a lot of beautiful images and explored the talents of many gifted people, I even came across some inspiration for my sisters bridesmaid dresses, very helpful indeed.

It all began with an iChat conversation I was having with a friend, Martin, he had just, by some strange coincidence, come into contact with a friend of mine….anyway to cut to the chase, he sent me a link to the person that my friend is assisting at the moment and it was an art agency called Agent Orange.

And so began a very enjoyable time trawl through each and every one of the artists portfolios on the agency site and then also the individual sites of each of my favourites, I’m going to show you an example of some of the amazing stuff that I’ve seen. One of my particular favourites was Frank Herholdt, look at the lighting in this shot, I love that he has stories in most of his pictures too, like a David Lynch film in one shot. Isn’t the bedroom perfect too, I am so going to force Nils into getting a fitted carpet somewhere in the house soon! hehe.

The other artist that charmed me with his sketchbook style and funny, sometimes political, drawings was Jay Taylor, here’s a couple of his pieces-

I love the internet sometimes, you really have such a massive resource of inspiration out there literally ‘at your finger tips’ -sorry what an awful pun!


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