Johan Olofsson -wearing eka

Johan Olofsson, from Sweden is probably the most famous living snowboard freeride pro, Johan’s part in Standard Film’s TB5 is still considered the ultimate Freeride cinematic moment, where in one five-minute section of film Johan changed snowboarding forever. He is still considered the father of modern freeriding, and his name is synonymous with credibility events. Still charging, still exploring the sport’s limits, Johan is a living legend.

There are some words from the NISSAN sports adventure team spokesperson, very well put.

You’ll see a pic of Johan wearing an eka hat in this months Whitelines magazine.….STOKED!

I made hats for the whole winter and summer team last year so I hope a few more legends will turn up in the mags in my creations this winter.

I have the mag, just need to scan the pic, I’ll do that and post it asap.

: )


3 thoughts on “Johan Olofsson -wearing eka

  1. tim davies says:

    Just the name Johan Olofsson reminds me of why i started snowboarding many moons ago !!!
    Remember Nils cruising around on that super62 !! Classic Swedish Steez !!!
    Hope your both well and hopefully our paths will cross again soon ….

  2. Gilly says:

    Ahhhh, Tim, Hope you’re good, hehehe, remembering Nils on that board and Les Arcs, learning my first jumps on that hill, hehehe.
    Hope we see you soon too xxxxxx

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