Fast Fashion- would you want to make it?

Some points to think about this Christmas-

  1. Next time you are out shopping and spot a fashion bargain, think twice about why it is so cheap – and what this might mean for the person making this piece of clothing. Ask the salesperson to tell you where it was made, and whether the person making it was paid fairly. You may not get a very helpful response initially but if shops are getting hundreds of people asking these questions, they will start to take them seriously.
  2. Support Fashion companies which are taking steps to ensure that workers are paid and treated fairly.You can find out more by looking at the websites of these organisations: The Ethical Trading Initiative, which includes many large high street stores as members, and The Ethical Fashion Forum, which represents smaller designers and brands.
  3. Labour Behind the Label is a campaign that supports garment workers’ efforts worldwide to improve their working conditions. You can become a member of find out more about how to encourage better conditions for garment workers by checking their website.

From a great informative page on the BBC ‘BLAST’ site

imagesthis is the front cover of a brilliant book given to me by my sister last year, perfect for a Christmas present for someone that cares about ethical fashion -(just to give you ideas if you needed any!)

Also, here’s a few great Ethical Fashion Online SHOPS-



Here’s a directory of ethical fashion brands available online at Eco Fashion World.


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