Were people just better looking in the 60’s?


Is it just me, or does it seem like the ‘average joe’ was way better looking in the 60’s? come to think of it the 50’s and the 70’s too! I haven’t looked into the 80’s but maybe it’s true of then too!

I was reading a blog today called Gnarlitude (it’s a great read) and she had some brilliant shots of biker girls taken in 1965 for LIFE magazine.

It’s maybe just that style looks way cooler when it is from a different time than what is considered trendy now, it could be that these girls aren’t hanging out like they would be now (you’ve seen those god awful pictures of the state most biker chicks!) But in reality, all they’re outfits would be super trendy now and they all look fantastic, why aren’t we as cool anymore? -is it because the average person is fat and gross looking (harsh, but true in my opinion) Check out the girl in the middle of the shot above, and the one with the headscarf on, how bloody good do they look? …even the boys are cute too, don’t get me wrong I’m sure there are great looking bikers out there, but I don’t think ‘white jeans guy’ on the right is the average in 2008!

I don’t know the story of the nose plaster pic below, but if this is a rough look for 1965 then I’ll take it any day! check out the capri pant/keds outfit with the biker jacket on the left- love it.



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