Eka’s Weekend of Christmas Markets


Wow, what a week it’s been, last weeks fashionshow was a great sucess and totally exhausting, but these are the important weeks for eka, the run up to Christmas, so we’re really trying to maximise on sales. I had 2 Christmas markets this weekend, one over both days called GOOD which was in the city centre, it was a Fair Trade, Organic, sustainable themed outdoor market in the old part of Malmo, full of tourists and Christmas shoppers. The other market was the Come On market in Cafe Barbro, it was a smaller event but really cozy with music and a nice little cafe there too.

You might be wondering how the hell I managed to sell in 2 places at the same time…well I’m lucky enough to have a friend Cajsa, with her jewellery brand Cajsita Design that helped me out,  I shared my table at Good with her and she looked after my table at the Come On market.

Well, I’m happy to say it all ran relatively smoothly and I sold loads of eka things to some lovely people, the atmosphere at GOOD was amazing and I think everyone was very happy to be involved, well done Sara and Malin for organising it and Malmo Council for supporting it! Lets hope its the start of many more GOOD events.



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