What a week for eka!

I have been sooooo lucky with coverage this week, I am a lucky girl indeed!


First of all the Swedish Newspaper ‘Sydsvenskan’ was at the Good Market on Saturday and they talked to me and Cajsa and took loads of photographs, Cajsa joked, ”looks like you’ll be on the front cover of Sydsvenskan tomorrow” ….she was right! hehehe, it’s a very unflattering pic of me, but what the hey, I have an eka hat and scarf on and I even had people asking which hat I had worn on the cover so they could buy it the next day!! hehe, the power of that newspaper is so much that they tend to make any market they cover a success.

Not only that, but as I was flicking through the pages of the very same paper, I found a shot of a shop owner that I used to supply to ‘Lollopard’ here in Malmo, she and her business partner have winning a ‘shop of the year’ prize and in her portrait she was wearing one of the eka Gatsbys!


So then I get home after a very long weekend of markets (and stardom of course!) and I have a lovely letter in my inbox from a girl called Barbora from the Czech Republic that has written a piece about eka on the online Girls Snowboard Magazine- Lime Magaine.

And to top it all off, the wonderful ‘Freelancers Fashion Blog’ has posted about their Christmas Wish List and the brown Cloche and the White Wimbledon Headband with matching mittens are both pictured on there, I’m so flattered as she is the perfect muse for my collections!

I’ve now added pics, for which I need to apologise, as usual, sorry, I’m not the photographer in the family, I just don’t have the skills at all, I’ll try to scan them instead so you can see them more clearly.


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