Wedding Season


May has been ‘Wedding Mayhem’ for me, with my sister Jane marrying Paul on the 3rd and two of my best friends Anna and Matt marrying on the 16th.

You’ll have to wait to see Jane’s pics as the photographer is holding out on us, but here’s some from Anna and Matt’s. It was a brilliant day, spent in a beautiful barn in Milden (Suffolk) drinking copious amounts of Ale and champagne.The food was also amazing, my particular favourite was the table full of cakes we had all made, that is pretty close to heaven for me! -I made some of my Carrot and Orange cupcakes.



I was super happy with the hotel ‘The Great House’ in Lavenham, it’s always hard to know what to expect when you go to a new place, the website was promising, but I went by budget first (same old Gilly!) as there are soooo many to choose from in this town! -I can seriously say, this place surpassed all of my expectations! We were shown upstairs by the lovely Jan, who took our bags and gave us a tour of the offerings in our beautiful room, we even had a coffee machine and a decanter of sherry by the mini bar! The decor was done perfectly and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer place to stay.

If anyone is looking for a place to spend the weekend go here! the rooms are from £55 per person.

oh, and if you are into good food (not me really!) this place just got an award for the best place in the South of England!

room1 room3


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