FashionSpace is closing it’s doors


Sad news in my inbox today, the online designer forum, FashionSpace, which is a cross between MySpace and eBay, has decided to close it’s vertual doors for good.

I am surprised it hasn’t taken off in a big way, the swapshop idea was genius I thought, but I guess it’s hard to make things work in this financial climate. Such a shame as it felt like such a perfect idea, a webshop full of unique and talented designers that came from massively diverse backgrounds. I got some amazing coverage in the Telegraph ‘Stella’ Magazine with them back in Dec 07 too, some of my mittens next to an image from the Philip Seymore Hoffman film that was coming out that year, I think it was about ‘hot things for 2008’ or something like that.

200805231823_Mittens in Stella magazine SMALL

RIP FashionSpace, you’ll be missed.



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