FRANK Fashion Evening



Last night was brilliant fun, it’s the first FRANK event I’ve been around in Sweden for, so I felt I should help out all  I could and make myself useful (as an apology for being absent since our group started up!)

It was held in our FRANK headquarters, the att:Studio here in Malmo which is an amazing space full of creative people working in various fields.


I arrived at 3pm to a scene of mild panic, models and make-up everywhere with a visible presence of strong hold hair spray misting the air, the usual for any runway preparation. Helena from ‘Little Green Story’ stylist for the event, walked our lovely models through the show and told them not to, under any circumstances, wear the shoes we had borrowed from Zara outside! -I even taped the soles so we wouldn’t get charged for any of them (my first job with FRANK, to make sure we aren’t bankrupted by the shoe bill after one of our first fashion shows- CHECK!)


We also had a mingle and selling evening ahead of us so we had a shop set up in one of the board rooms, Kajsa and Paula of Righteous had done a brilliant job here making it look ace.



Check out the AMAZING rockabilly girl in our audience, if only more people would dress up like that, the world would be a wonderfully colourful place!





All in all the evening went really well, the show looked good, the music was great and I sold a couple of items in the sale. It was just a really nice evening of catching up with the other FRANK girls and meeting new people, all of whom were really interested in what we are promoting with FRANK (network of 6 female designers promoting sustainable fashion)


We also had a crazy amount of media presence, it was probably one of those ‘frenzies’ people talk of! A Chinese TV crew were there to interview us and a Swedish National TV station was there to cover them covering us, weird to say the least! Lets hope it brings lots of recognition for FRANK as we’re just in the motions of setting up the web boutique and getting the site off the ground.



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