Fashion Show in Malmö


Rättvisemärkt korrekt 60 hög

We at FRANK have been asked to organise a FairTrade Fashion Show as part of the Rättvis handelsforum (Fairtrade Forum) on October 10th-12th.

Hanna Jisser and I are heading the project, I suppose that means we can call ourselves ‘Project Leaders’ ooooo, I like that feather in my cap, haha.

My main job is to get the local designers and shops supporting Fairtrade and Organic fashion involved and make sure everyone knows about the event.

Want to get involved? Here’s the criteria-

-Collections must be available in the Malmö area of Sweden.

-Fairtrade and sustainable design are the main areas of focus.

….if you think your fashion Brand fits in to these then please write to us at and we’ll be in touch.


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