Bowler and Top Hats -Alice meets Alex


Here’s a pic of some of the new items I’m making for the eka ‘one off’ collection.

A good description of the collection is- ‘a hybrid of Mad Hatter meets Alex from Clockwork Orange‘ -bowler hats, top hats in maxi and mini sizes, some with veils and some without.

images images-1

I wore mine at the Stajl market last weekend when I was selling there with my white jeans and braces, I got a lot of compliments (maybe they were just fearful of some clockwork style ‘untra-violence’ haha) Whatever, it’s an empowering outfit for sure, and was great for sales!

I think I’ll be putting some of these onto the webshop soon, just one at a time, postage will be tough, but I’ll get some hat boxes to send them in I think. They will be hard to part with, I love every single one of them, but I guess business is business! So far they are all made by me, I am going to see about putting them into production to bring the R.R.P down though, so watch this space.

If you’re interested in getting one write to gilly’at’ and let me know (prices for these are £40-£65 depending on the style with the large bowler coming in at £65)


5 thoughts on “Bowler and Top Hats -Alice meets Alex

  1. Gilly says:

    sure did, it’s a new thing I’m trying, I always wanted to make bowler hats, so I tried with wool!!
    I’m going to get some starch into the mix and get them looking totally authentic.

  2. Frida says:

    Vackert! :O
    Var köpte du dessa färgglada dockhuvuden?
    Dom är helt underbara, skulle gärna vilja få tag i någon liknande om det finns att köpa någon stans? 🙂 Gillar dem skarpt!

  3. Gilly says:

    I got them from a shop outfitters online, I think they were between £5 and £15 each, the long necked ones were most. I had them shipped from the shop over to sweden, costing about £30 but it was well worth it, I couldn’t find anything here at all!
    I got some paint from Panora and some varnish and had loads of fun decorating them : )
    …maybe try searching ‘mannequin heads’ and see what you can find on google, that’s what I did, the long necked ones are called ‘swan neck’.
    Good luck : )

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