Model Casting and Brochure Shoot

I feel exhausted, last week saw the Funfair Fashion model casting on Wednesday evening, then Friday was spent picking out clothing from HIONLIFE and Uma Bazaar for the brochure shoot on Saturday, my arms feel 1 foot longer after lugging bags full of clothing to the FRANK HQ friday afternoon. Then up early on Saturday to meet Maja Hanna and Jennie to shoot all of the outfits for the show brochure, 32 outfits total, I can’t believe we got it all done!

Then we tried to get the clothes back to the stores before closing, making use of the car while I could, luckily HIONLIFE was open, I really wouldn’t fancy lugging that big box onto my bike! too bad Uma was closed, I’ll have to pray I don’t fall off my bike getting those big bags into town!

Tomorrow is meeting time to get the brochure designed and everything sorted for the show, I’m off to the UK for a week and will get back the day before the dress rehearsal, oh god, bad timing!

I really should get some eka work done, it seems a while and I have shops waiting for deliveries, I got an application for work experience the other day, maybe I should think about it!


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