The Funfair Fashion Show


Here are just a few of my favourite images from the show, it was so fun, the models were all lovely and so patient!

Thanks to HIONLIFE, Uma Bazaar and Fiber Fin for lending us their lovely clothes to show and thanks to the other girls at FRANK for their support and of course their wonderful clothes for the show too.

Maya and Jennie, we couldn’t have managed this without you, big love to you.

Monogatari, you played the most sublime music, thanks again.

and thanks to everyone that came and filled those seats, I can’t believe how busy it was just before I came out to announce the show, it made me want to run and hide in the toilet! haha.


One thought on “The Funfair Fashion Show

  1. gabriela says:

    thanks for a great Saturday, it was just so much fun.. I seriously had an adrenalin kick for the entire day making me unable to sleep at night!
    If you ever need any more help just let me know because I will be up for it.

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