New Collection -has arrived AT LAST!!!

200810301535_Cloche Blue SM200911081945_tophat_2_small200810301555_Sailor SM200810301638_DeerStalker with deer SM

I’m getting sore fingers from sewing on all of these anchor patches!!

All of the collection has arrived now and I’ll be uploading it to the shop over the next few days.

The new shape deerstalker is looking amazing and there are new colours for the Gatsby and Hayworth.

I have fallen in love with the scarves all over again as they are even larger this year it’s like wearing a fluffy blanket, the Petrol Blue wool is so soft and the weight is a really nice heaviness to wear I’m never going to take mine off! hehe

The ghost illustration has shrunk this winter, it looks so much better, the bigger one got a bit lost on the head, now he is in full view when you wear him with pride : )

I have to rush, hang tags to attach and many many more anchor patches to sew on, phew!


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