New Watchcaps from eka

ok, so I’m really embarrassed by my lack of photographic skills (you really wouldn’t know I’d majored in photography in Art Foundation!!)

But I’m posting these to give you an idea of what will soon be available from the eka site. I’m setting the studio up as we speak and once I can pin Nils down to take the shots over the weekend I’ll have them on sale, promise!

Here’s the Watchcap in Plum,  a new colour for this winter, I LOVE it, the weight of this yarn and the Petrol Blue is so nice, it’s a heavier and almost silky yarn that feels super high quality. Don’t get me wrong, I like the other colours are great too, but in a different way, they have a more matt finish. My favourite is still the Wine Red.

These are selling super fast, Tjallamalla in Malmo see’s one sold almost every day, so get yours asap if you’re interested!

There are two for sale in the eka shop right now-

Wine Red with Anchor Patch and

Petrol Blue with Anchor Pin.


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