Market this Sunday- I’m in a mess!

I always lecture Nils about keeping a tidy desk, well I should be ashamed, this is what mine looks like today!

I’m trying to get button badges made and anchor patches sewn on… that netting in the left corner is ‘Black Widow Net’ for the mini Top and Bowler Hat’s, man they look soooo good with that on them. The Christmas Market is at Malmö’s Technical Museum this sunday 11-4pm, I’ve no idea how popular it is or if there has been any marketing done to get people to come, fingers crossed it’s not just me and my little facebook account on the case!

I’d just like to note, that is not wine in the glass, it’s Julmust, a Swedish Christmassy Coke, I promise! hehe

So, let’s hope this kaos doesn’t get the better of me, the lists of things to get done before December are getting loonnnnngggg, gulp!


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