First Advent

Here in Sweden I feel totally fine getting ‘Christmassy’ already, although it’s waaaayyy too early in the U.K, in Sweden the 4 sundays up to Christmas are marked with advent Candles, the same as we mark the days with advent calendars. These candles are lit one at a time till the 4th Sunday of advent, so we started our Christmas countdown on Sunday : ) -Bring on the Julmust and Pepparkakor!

I love that I can get into things early, this time of year passes way too fast with orders to post and markets to work, so I like to get into things as early as possible so I can enjoy it before it all passes for another year….this time next year I’ll be all married and grown up, things will be a little different.

See the Wiki page on Swedish Festivities here, it’s spot on, they even keep that ‘Candy on Saturdays’ rule up with the kids- I choose not to integrate Swedish tradition into my life with regards to that!


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