Eka on N.E.E.T

My Christmas Postage Offer is on the wonderful N.E.E.T blog today, I’m so proud to see my goodies on there, Stephanie that runs the mag and blog is a graffic designer and did an absolutely lovely collage of eka images for the post, I’m tempted to go shop there myself…hang on it’s my own shop…what is it about seeing things from another persons perspective, it’s great!

As I speak Nils is upstairs working wonders for the LookBook, I went up once and oooo’ed and aaahhhh’d so much I think it was putting him off working, so now I’m down watching ‘Larkrise to Candleford’ sipping a nice cup of tea : )

GOOD JUL market weekend starts tomorrow so I’m trying to conserve energy to SELL SELL SELL tomorrow! – can’t wait, I’ll probably put on a ‘larkrise’ accent to please the Scandi customers! hahaha

Read the N.E.E.T Blog.

Take a look at the eka shop.


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