Eka Coverage on PoshGlam Magazine

The Cotton jingle perhaps says it best when it comes to our consumption of cotton; “the touch, the feel of cotton, the fabric of our lives.” But most of our cotton comes from impoverished workers in third world or developing countries.

Well, now we can thank globalization and the fair trade movement for bringing back cotton in a positive way. Eka is a cotton accessories company (think warm scarves and mittens) that participates in fair trade, giving their cotton growers in India health insurance and a livelihood.

Grown by BioRe in Auroville, India, Eka is helping workers support their families and learn how to operate an eco-friendly business. The small town of Auroville has been transformed by the environmentally-minded cotton workers. The progress is certain to grow in years to come.

In the meantime, purchasing the chic accessories from Eka can help continue the positive growth. The hats and scarves come in bright colors and charming designs and are terribly affordable.

For purchasing information, see Eka.

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