then we got married-the ceremony

I’ve been a little quiet on here of late, apologies for that, I’ve been pretty pre-occupied with the wedding, it was so worth all of the stress, money and work, it turned out to be even better than we both could have hoped.

We spent the weekend at Boxted Hall in Suffolk, the brilliant people there really made the whole weekend just perfect, Toby and Jennie that own that beautiful place are absolutely lovely as are the people they have working with them.

I had my dress made for me by Stephane St Jaymes, he’s amazing so look him up! My Aunty Joan shared her skills as a florist and did my flowers, my talented friend Joel Erith played me down the aisle to The Beatles ‘In My Life’ and then played us out again to ‘I’ll Follow You into the Dark’ by Death Cab For Cutie.

The sun even came out to make everything even more perfect, I’d kind of resigned myself to the idea that my ‘outside ceremony’ would be a little damp at least!

Stina Rosen took our photographs, but we are still waiting to see all of them, I can’t wait : ) and there are some pictures taken by Mary Watson and Emma Rogers here too!

We had a ‘hand fasting’ Sue, our Humanist celebrant did a great job (this was her first hand fasting) and Joel was a little disappointed we didn’t have a sacrifice of any sort, haha.

The picture above is of us walking back down the aisle, just behind me is my flower girl, Rosie-dog, who was so sweet, she was so stoked on being there with everyone that she didn’t want to leave at the end of the weekend, she refused to get into the car, who can blame her really, Boxted is a pretty nice place to live!

The Wedding Breakfast was great, we had a room for the kids with a party entertainer in there so they were amused. The sun streamed in the big stained glass windows of Boxted as we ate and drank and made speeches. Even I made a speech, it wasn’t very good, I’d been a little bit too bust sorting all the other jobs out to work very long on it, but it made Nils cry (not from sadness or embarrassment!) so I guess that’s ‘mission complete’!

The speeches were all amazing, thanks to our family and friends and I HAVE to make a special mention of Martin Nilsson’s best man speech (a slightly adjusted rendition of Elton john’s ‘Your Song’) and Doc’s ‘Shooting From The Hip’ song written just for me! sooooo good, my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much. Nils’s sister and neice also sang a beautiful swedish folk song for us making me cry, so sweet.

We still need to get the ‘party cam’ shots uploaded, I’ll put some of them on here then, it was a great night.


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