New Couture Café Makes You Sweat for Style

New Couture Café Makes You Sweat for Style | Paris By Appointment Only™.


Oh my, this is exactly what I’d love to set up here in Sweden, including a cafe so people can come by and see what it’s all about without needing to actually make things. I think it might seem a little intimidating at first, especially here in Sweden. I’m going to seriously look into this, perhaps I have the perfect friend to join forces with too!

The best part is their extensive collection of vintage patterns that you rent out to use for projects, genius!

Here’s the low down on ‘The Sweat Shop’

Less buying – more trying!
Sweat Shop is a “cafe couture”, a new creative concept situated near hotspot canal St Martin in Paris. Imagine 10 work stations equipped with 10 SINGER sewing machines and one central communal table. Join one of the 5 courses that are being offered every week and perfect your knitting and sewing skills or meet one of our guest designers in town for an encounter.
Not unlike a cyber cafe, you come whenever you please, rent a state of the art sewing machine by the hour and start sewing.
Welcome to a world of creativity, a place of discovery, of DIY ethics, a piping hot cup of tea and funky furniture. Enjoy organic delicacies courtesy of our New York neighbors at Bob’s Juice Bar.
Enter into a serene atmosphere where work and relaxation go hand in hand.
Bored of buying, wearing, throwing away?
Fix that seam, make a dress out of those trousers or even design and create a brand new silhouette.
Sweat Shop is the place where your dreams and projects come alive. And it’s here for those wanting to learn, create, transform, practice or recycle in a stress free and well equipped environment.
Thanks to Adrianna for showing me this gem!

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