eka in Malmö CITY magazine

Wow, I woke up this morning with a text from Nils saying ‘nice cover darling!’ well, it took me a while to work out what the hell he was talking about. Cover? I haven’t had any cover-worthy snowboard shots this year?….cover?…hmmmm…..

Then I realised it was Thursday and I was expecting to get a little bit of a write up in the Malmö and Lund CITY paper, the journalist and photographer had been over on Monday to take some ‘oh so natural’ shots of me in the office and I was supposed to make sure I got my copy at the bus station first thing this morning! My night at the Ariel Pink gig was a little heavier than expected so this had completely slipped my mind as I lay in bed sleeping it off with the tune ‘Bright Lit Blue Sky’ going round and round in my head.

COVER?!!!!!!…this was enough to get me up and out in about 5 seconds, running down to get a copy to show mum before they all disappear to be read on the morning commute to work.

So, here it is, a 3/4 front cover shot and a 3/4 page shot with story inside! so stoked : )

Here’s the translation if you don’t speak swedish-

Warm through and through – Eka is a fair trade company making hand made accessories in Auroville India-  The money earned by the village goes straight back to the residents, and those who work are guaranteed pensions, minimum wage and fair working conditions. It becomes a bit more expensive, but hopefully I can do things that last, both practically and style wise.

A minefield–   Parts of the eka line are made using organic cotton, but to choose the material is far from straightforward. ”It is like a minefield” can only get two colors in organic cotton, blue and black, so I have chosen to also use acrylic. The problem with acrylic is that it comes from oil, but if I use wool in the hats vegans would not be able to wear them.
Over the winter months, between January and April, Gilly spends her time snowboarding in france. The rest of her year is spent in Malmö where she concentrates on eka ”once I stop snowboarding professionally I do not need to panic, because I have something to fall back on”
Malmö Style– Gilly Seagrave is originally from the UK but she has lived in Sweden for ten years, six of those in Malmö. She has noticed the style here is of individualism. People choose clothes for what they love, not what the magazines tell them is trendy. ”Swedes are also great at wearing accessories- which of course is useful for me selling just that. Also, everyone cycles around here in winter, it’s very good for the business of selling things to keep you warm!”

Here’s the newspaper online.

shop your eka accessories here! – get 20% off till the end of the month by using the code EKAFRIENDS when you check out!


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