Grey Hair

I’ve dyed my hair grey, not quite as dark as I’d wanted but maybe it’s best, I might have regretted it if it had been a really obvious colour change.

I’ve basically wanted grey hair (dyed NOT natural!!) since I went to my sister Jane’s fashion degree show and all the models had short grey hair and bright red lipstick, it looked amazing and I’ve never managed to get my hair bleached enough to lose all of the yellow shades, it’s the bain of my life!

So, I bleached the living daylights out of it on Sunday then got a grey toner to put on top, here’s how it turned out-

I’m pretty stoked on it actually, taking my ‘granny chic’ style to the max! haha

Nils is a little worried that my next step is the Blue Rinse, haha, I had blue hair once and loved it, maybe he’s right to be worried!


One thought on “Grey Hair

  1. Emma Rogers says:

    Amazing you got rid of the yellow shade Seagrave! I LOVE it. I would love to go that colour but do not think I could pull it off may be I will just wait for it to happen. xx

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