Alice Neel

HartleyDon Perlis and Jonathan

We went to an amazing exhibition today, a collection of Alice Neel paintings at the Moderna Museet in Malmo.

Her portraits of her family, especially her sons struck a chord with me the most, I love the one at the top here of her son Hartley. There was also a film of her painting a portrait of her daughter in law pregnant, it was fascinating to see the process of it all. So many times when you look at really painterly portraits you wonder how intricate the process was or are these just amazingly lucky strokes that end up pulling together to make the picture work as a whole….well, I can now say with confidence that it’s all very precise and calculated, it’s pretty much genius as far as I’m concerned!  -I know when I paint that I just hope that by some stroke (pun intended!) of luck I’ll get an end result that looks good!

Find out more here -Alice Neel.

Jackie Curtis and Ritta ReddRichard at Age Five


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