Christmas Market Diary for eka

So, here come Christmas!

I’m trying to gear myself up for the winter markets, 3 days of which are set OUTSIDE….I’m having trouble with the whole ‘outside’ theme as I get cold just putting the rubbish out these last couple of weeks….how on earth will I manage being outside from 10 till 6 three days in a row? gulp. I’m sure it can’t be colder than the GOOD JUL market last year and I survived that with 3 pairs of gloves and an insulated mat to stand on, lucky for me I sell wooly accessories, I had a lot on hand to wrap up in if needed!

I’m going to look for some really sensible footwear for this year, I managed last year but I seem to remember some worried comments from other market sellers about my canvas Vans maybe not being warm enough, hahaha.

So, the dates are-

4th December, Victoriateatern, Malmo, Sweden 12-4pm

10th-11th December, Good Jul, Stortorget, Malmo, Sweden 12-6pm

12th December, Dockan, Malmo, Sweden 11-6pm


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