Today-presents and bobble hairbands

Look at what dropped into my mailbox today!! I always love getting packages but they’re not usually as brilliant as this one from Helen Lovelee!

I chatted to her on her blog a few days ago and told her I wanted one of her amazing ‘Do-Nut Pin Cushions’ and she said she liked one of my Watchcap hats, so we made a swap, swaps are great, people need to do that more often it’s like oldschool trading and feels like you get something for nothing, a win-win situation! : )

Take a look at Helen’s talents as an artisan here.

I had a few parcels to post today, NotOnTheHighStreet sales are going well, so I took one of my new ‘Bobble Headbands’ for a test run, it went well, I thought I would feel a bit too ‘out there’ but I liked it, the colours are pretty subtle and with the new grey hair I think the look worked fine, not too crazy. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just quirky looking Japanese people that can get away with these things….they certainly seem to find it easier anyway!

I then went shopping, I’m trying to be a good wife and spend some of the money we got from friends and family on presents for the house, it was supposed to be spent on the Honeymoon, but it’s all kinda been confused and we don’t know if we spent it all and are now feeling like we should buy ‘housey’ stuff like real married couples do! hahaha …even if that means our Honeymoon came from our own pockets…bah, it’s all the same I guess….

So, I bought a new Stelton Coffee Press, it’s like the thermos which is a design classic, but a bit smaller and WAY more practical for us as we don’t own a coffee machine….yet! I went for the white one in the end, tempted by the red, but white seems a bit more timeless I think.

I’m soooooo tempted to become some kind of domestic goddess that deserves to own one of these Kitchen Aid mixers, one day maybe!…..once I learn how to cook more than eggs or veggie lasagne. When I finally get round to having this lovely thing I think I’ll go for the minty green one, it looks blue in the picture, but there’s a green tint to it, really nice and 50’s.


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