First Snowy Day

We went to bed last night and could see a snow storm out of the window, this morning was our first Snowy day of the winter : )

It’s so nice that the world is so bright reflected off the snow, our dark lounge felt lovely first thing.

Outside was a little chilly to be honest, the wind doesn’t half like to blow here in Malmo! We went to Ikea to see about making the house a bit cosy-er….we bought a couple of lamps, not too sure if they’re going to make things in our dingy lounge much brighter, lets hope for more snow for that!

I’ve officially decided it’s time to get that ‘sensible footwear’ I talked about for my Christmas Markets, I found a pair of boots today so am probably going to go for it, they are a-not leather and b-furry inside, so tick the boxes (I’ve decided I only buy 2nd hand leather from now on…don’t ask….if you knew me you’d know what I’m like! haha)


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