Christmas Post….busy busy busy

ok so we’re now slap bang in the busiest week of eka’s year, postage for Christmas items around Europe is upon us, I hope everything reaches people in time, you never know with the UK post when there’s even one flake of snow around!!

My items going from Sweden seem to be fine, so that is a relief. Post of things within the uk should be fine up until the 2oth, I’m posting everything 1st class so if you still need some gifts, get to the SHOP and make sure you use the 15% off promo code ‘EKAGIFT’ when you check out!

I was hoping to just have a few days to take care of internet sales and shop for Christmas gifts myself after a long weekend of outdoor Christmas Markets. However, the mini hats with veils have been flying off the shelves of Tjallamalla and they are begging for more…so a production line is now in progress…sorry family, your Christmas presents will have to wait!


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