5 years from now

”Where do you picture yourself 5 years from now?”- The perfect interview question to see how serious/ambitious applicants are.

I’ve decided to do this for me (eka is included, but it’s about me personally mostly), it’s great fun to do and I feel like it helps solidify your ambitions in life along with your business.

I advise doing it yourself, google image search things for pictures and Pinterest is a brilliant source along with Flickr of course.

Here’s a tip worth taking when you do it-

Think on a five year time period. This is a useful trick that helps you avoid generating false fantasies and scenes that are too limiting or practical.  Five years is a period of time that’s long enough to be able to imagine great change in yourself, but also a period of time where you can imagine yourself looking similar, having the same personality, and general keep you from trying to wait for time travel and flying cars in order to achieve your goal.  If you want big change to happen in five years, it might help to start working on it now.

I’m going to put this somewhere so I can look at it from time to time and see if I’m on track. First thing is that house in the corner, we have been trying to get a showing twice now, which got canceled twice, this time the family are sick with flu, it seems we’re never going to get to see the bloody thing!


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