Fu Fighters- Learning to Walk Again….

I haven’t actually posted on here about the accident I had this winter snowboarding, well, long story short, I managed to annihilate myself catching my toes panic spinning (starting it too early) off a laaarrrrge jump, I’ve hopefully learned my lesson to ‘WAIT TILL I’VE LEFT THE JUMP’ before I start a spin, tough lesson to learn though- I broke my pelvis in 2 places and had to be in hospital for 2 weeks not able to move much without a god awful clunking noise which the doctors told me was my bones moving, insert gag reflex here.

Every time I hear this song I thank god it’s not my anthem anymore! it’s hard to remember everything, the human body is amazingly resourceful and forgets things it didn’t enjoy, I do remember loads of satisfaction from progressing with rehab though, I can’t believe how fast the body heals and how much you can get done in just 24 hours, I basically trained myself to walk again over a few days, round the dining room table then round the churchyard, it was just like snowboarding, I set myself goals and tried to progress everyday. It was better than learning switch backside 5’s, not quite so fun though.

4 months later and I’m all fixed without any problems, I was able to snowboard 6 weeks after it happened and I’ve been skating for about a month. Thanks to the accident I now have shiny new bones in my pelvis : )


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