It’s a massive thing over here, the summer solstice. Normally it’s a time when you get together with friends and family. There’s some celebrations that go on in the day, places where they build a sort of phallic post like a may pole in the middle of a park or garden and dress it with leaves and flowers then dance around it. Then in the evening it’s all about eating new potatoes and fish with strawberries featuring heavily for dessert. The weather here is renouned for being very ‘un summer-like’ with sun and rain and wind all making an appearance, much like a normal summers day in the UK really! This midsummer we went to a place called Mölle up the coast from Malmö about an hour and a half’s drive. Mölle is famous for being a ‘resort’ for bathing as far back as the end of the 18oo’s the bathing house which was famed for being the countries first ever mixed sex bathing area is still there and had some amazing old photo’s showing the swimmers, I love those old costumes they wore.

The hotel we stayed in was lovely, the Grand Hotels ‘Tourist Hotel’ the rooms were really nicely dressed with classic but slightly quirky style, I thought ours was bravely done with palm tree wallpaper and real butterflies framed on the walls, creepy but amazing, it’s a bold move to put dead insects on the walls of a hotel room I think.

We visited a few places around the town of Mölle, there’s a nature reserve there called Kullaberg which is on a peninsular and has remains of really old civilizations with stone circles thought to be from around 7000BC. There were amazing views, where the cliffs went down to the sea there was an amazing sculpture called Nemis, it’s built by an artist called Lars Viiks and it consists of towers and walkways of driftwood, I managed to drop my iphone on the way down, thank GOD it was towards the bottom so it’s still alive but cracked like a goodun’

We actually walked past Mr Viiks on our way down there, he had a big tool belt on and was walking with another man, turns out this might have been a body guard he has a ‘fatwa’ on his head for some cartoon he drew of Muhammed as a dog. Mad to think that people in a country like Sweden have to walk around with a body guard….I guess it’s better than getting decapitated, but still, for a drawing of a dog? mad world.


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